The aim of SNOW + is to create a warm collaborative space in Paris in which we can invite people to work and / or expose their projects, giving new opportunities to creatives.

The idea came up back in 2021 the day I spoke with my friend Maxime, a photographer from Marseille who is now based in Paris. We were thinking of doing a project together during summer. At the time he had never exposed his artwork, people only saw his photos via social media - which I personally though was a bit sad. I finally convinced him to do his first exhibition hosted by SNOW+.

We were really satisfied with the result & I wanted to continue the SNOW+ project. These past two ears we made multiple pop ups with artists & brands from Europe.

In June 2023 we took 2 new spaces in Paris, one is located in the marais next to Chez Snow Bunny & the other is near Strasbourg Saint Denis in the 10th district.

We are looking forward to collaborate with all kind of creatives, by providing spaces, resources & accompany the development of the projects.

For any buisness inquiries / questions or to view a detailed document of our spaces please contact :

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